Mr. Vander Ploeg (Beginning/Advanced Martial Arts)

Welcome to beginning and advanced Martial Arts with Mr. Vander Ploeg.
I have been training in and teaching the art of KUK SOOL WON for twelve years. I started learning Kuk Sool Won right here at MCAA under Mr. Tejada in 2000. Since that time I have achieved the rank of 2nd degree black belt and am still continuing my training with Mr. Tejada.

In the beginning Martial Arts program we focus mostly on the physical conditioning side of our Martial Art. Being physically fit is a very important aspect of Martial Arts and in life. In the second semester we will slowly increase the amount of Martial Art material that we will be learning.

In the advanced Martial Arts program students are doing slightly less physical conditioning and begin learning the more advanced Martial Art techniques involved with Kuk Sool Won. One of the benefits of the advanced Martial Arts program here at MCAA is that students have the opportunity to progress through the Martial Art ranking system. Although it is NOT mandatory, the students can participate in the testing ranking system.