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Hello MCAA Students and Parents,

Spring semester brings with it the excitement of course registration for 2016-2017. Throughout the month I will be meeting with students in their current English class to discuss their plans for next year. As we did last year, students have been asked to take their registration paperwork home to discuss with a parent/guardian. If your child has already submitted their requests, but conveniently ‘forgot’ to discuss it with you first, please feel free to contact me to review what they submitted if you have any concerns. Based on the information received from students, we will spend the remaining months doing our best to create a master schedule that accommodates as many student requests as possible. Although there is no perfect schedule that allows all students to get every course they want, every effort will be made to limit conflicts whenever possible so students can get as many of the courses they need/want. If you have questions about the process or your child’s course selection please feel free to contact me.

QuickReg: This series of Saturday workshops is designed to help seniors with the registration process to enroll at Yuba College next year. A representative from Yuba visited the Economics classes and explained the program and the first workshop took place on February 27th. Those students who completed the first phase should have received an appointment and study guide for the upcoming Placement Exam workshop (March 26th or April 16th). Encourage your senior to take time to prepare for this incredibly important test...it could save them time and money in the future! Next up: Complete the online orientation by no later than April 22nd and attend the final workshop on April 30th where students will meet with a Yuba counselor and receive priority registration for summer/fall classes. Make sure your Yuba College bound senior takes advantage of this great program!

Juniors: Unfortunately we are still waiting on our PSAT results from the fall. As soon as they are in, I will be visiting with students to review their scores and the resources available to help them better prepare for the SAT. In the meantime, students can take advantage of online test prep resources such as Khan Academy (www.khanacademy.com). Any juniors planning to attend a 4-year university directly after high school are strongly encouraged to take the SAT this spring. The upcoming spring SAT dates are May 7th and June 4th and students are typically required to register a month in advance. Students can register for the SAT, find practice materials and more information on the CollegeBoard website (www.collegeboard.org).

Seniors: Want free money to attend college?? More and more scholarship opportunities are becoming available. If they haven’t already, seniors are encouraged to give me their e-mail address if they would like to receive scholarship updates. Additionally, students are encouraged to check the Scholarship Binder in the Counseling Office regularly. Some current local scholarships: Sutter-Yuba Realtors Association, Marysville Unified Teachers Association, Mary Aaron Memorial, Rideout Foundation, John & Freda Monnot, Agents of Change and much more.

And finally, our two remaining Student of the Quarter selections for this year were Tatjana Kelly (2nd Quarter) and Emilee Heddlesten (3rd Quarter). Congratulations!!

Happy Spring,  
Christy Spade