Vocal and Instrumental Music

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Vocal and Instrumental Music

The Vocal and Instrumental Music Department seeks to enrich students by offering vocal, instrumental, and theory courses. A strong desire to perform will help a student succeed in the music department.

The MCAA Vocal and Instrumental Music Department Faculty (to view specific teacher pages, please use the Teacher Pages/Contact menu at the top of the page):

Zenobia Brown                         Beginning Choir (7-9)
                                               Concert Choir (9-12)
                                               Honor Vocal Ensemble (9-12)
                                               Piano 1,2,3,4

Alisan Hastey                           Piano 1
                                               Vocal Technique

Rebekah Hood                          Beginning Strings (7-8)
                                                Intermediate Strings (9-12)
                                                Advanced Strings (9-12)
                                                Songwriting/Music Theory

Matt Plummer                           Beginning Band
                                                 Concert Band
                                                 Jazz Band
                                                 Beginning Guitar 
                                                 Advanced Guitar

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