Visual Arts


Visual Arts

MCAAoffers traditional art courses designed to allow students to explore avariety of techniques, media, and theories, with emphasis on thetraditional elements of art, as well as the principles of design.

MCAA also offers graphic arts courses to exemplify art in a digital medium.Students can learn a variety of programs from the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as create graphic projects for use around our school.

The Visual Arts Department Faculty (to view specific teacher pages, please use the Teacher Pages/Contact menu at the top of the page):

Cierra Dornfeld                    Painting/Drawing 1,2
                                           Advanced Painting/Drawing 3,4

Doreen McDowell                Graphic Arts 1
                                          Graphic Design 1,2
                                          Yearbook/Desktop Publishing

Glen Weisgerber                 Painting/Drawing 1,2
                                          Advanced Painting/Drawing 3,4
                                          Advanced Placement Art 
                                          Photography 1,2,3,4
                                          Video Editing